• Grilled chicken and mixed vegetables
  • Cocktail
  • Bar area


Craft Kitchen + Bar

About Us

The structure was saved from demolition in San Marcos by taking it apart board by board where the carpenter found newspapers from 1912 insulating the walls. It was reassembled on Wimberley Square in 1996. Longleaf Pine Forests once spanned the Southeastern United States from the Atlantic to Texas. Now only small pockets remain. Longleaf can withstand hurricane-force winds, tolerate fire, and thrive through wet and dry periods. It is an amazing tree and these concepts of exceptionality and quality are at the heart and soul of our dining experience. Guests are always part of our Longleaf family.

Many of our ingredients originate from local farmers, ranchers, and Texas Gulf Coast fishermen. Our commitment to local sourcing provides exceptional quality, great nutritional value and keeps community support at home, in addition to being healthier for the planet. Seasonal and native foods drive our menu creations and allow us to serve our guests the best Texas has to offer. Our mission, passion, and purpose are serving approachable food without the pretense or price of fine dining. We’ve elevated the dining experience by offering craft cocktails, beer, and a well-rounded wine list. All coupled with exceptional hospitality in an atmosphere of warmth, where everyone is welcome. Guests can also enjoy their dining experience in our unique oak-shaded courtyard and sculpture garden.